What are cookies?

This website uses cookies and/or similar devices to store and recover information when you are browsing. In general, these devices may serve a variety of purposes, such as identifying you as a user, receiving information about your browsing habits and personalising the contents you receive. All the specific uses made of these devices are listed below. 


What cookies are used by this website and what are they used for?

This website uses cookies for a number of purposes including:

  • Analysis: these cookies, dealt with by ourselves or by third parties, allow us to quantify the number of users and to statistically measure and analyse the use of our service. To this end, browsing on our webpage is analysed in order to improve the users experience.
  • Publicity: used by ourselves or by third parties, they enable us to analyse your Internet browsing habits in order to show publicity appropriate to your browsing profile.

Who uses the cookies on this website?

Details on who uses the cookies, types of cookies and further information is provided below:


Own Cookies

Company that uses the cookies



Storage period

The website owner






Third party cookies

Company that uses the cookies


More info







Note: “Own” type of cookies are used solely by the owner of this website whereas “Third party” cookies are also used by the service provider listed on the previous table.

For information concerning transfers to third countries that the third parties listed may make you may access their corresponding cookie policies (see links on section “More info” in the previous table).


How can I deactivate or uninstall these cookies?

You may allow or block cookies and delete your browsing history (including cookies) in the browser you use. Check options and instructions of your browser. If you accept third-party cookies you will need to delete them using the options menu of your browser.

Links with instructions  on how to manage cookies on the most common browsers are provided below.

  • Firefox:
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  • Other browers: consult


Blocking complement for Google Analytics browsers

If you wish to disable analytic cookies from Google Analytics on all the browsers so that your information may not be sent to Google Analytics, you may download a complement from the following link: